NEXT Service Design 2013

Thanks to Service Design Berlin and who voted for me, I won a ticket to NEXT Service Design 2013!

This is the conference for designing digital services that gathers designers, marketing strategists, business as well as front-end developers and academic experts to discuss best cases, inspiration and relevant insights.

Divided in five sessions, the programme started with the theme Are We Still Talking About This?, then on to Financial ServicesMobility & Travel Services and Entertainment Servicesfinishing with a wrap-up on New Ideas and how to spark them. In the end, it is clear how valuable users can be for businesses.

These were my personal highlights of the speakers:

Hey Baby, Work It represent.
Jens Otto Lange & Thomas Stegmann: storytelling combined with design thinking.
Dean Crutchfield: service innovation is not the same as invention.
Brian Gillespie & Lee Moreau: designing the bank of the future.
Cathrine Movold & Alexander Lie: from analogue nightmare to digital dream.
Magnus Bergmark: customer-driven innovation.
Kristian Luoma: making of a mobile wallet.
Magnus Christensson: the future of danish public transportation services.
Nicolas Brusson & Vanina Schick: redesigning road transport.
Pia Betton: four lessons learned about collaborative processes.
Julia Werner & Stephan Augustin: making of BMW i WallBox.
Patrick Lithander: music meets journalism meets data meets driven analysis.
Julia Leihener & Thomas Welzel: revealing the unwanted.
Stefan Moritz: Spotify Windows Music App.
Peter Kirn: live electronic performance.
Alexander Baumgardt: designing for scale.

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