Service Experience Camp

True to their innovative attitude, Service Design Berlin organized a hybrid event for service innovators called Service Experience Camp on the weekend of 14 – 15 of September at The Wye.

Part Conference, part BarCamp, this was the perfect place to listen, learn, ask, talk, do, test, meet and discuss on subjects related to service experiences. The incredibly easy-going atmosphere felt like a music festival but with design performances. And how cool is that? These were the KeyTalks and BarCamp sessions that I attended.

KEYTALKS from thought-leaders of various industries and disciplines:

Adam Lawrence, co-initiator / Global Service Jam, keytalking about engagement, authenticity and efficacy.
Borahm Cho, co-founder / Kitchensurfing, keytalking about the power of food.
Marco Spies, author & co-founder / Think Moto, keytalking about digital products & services.
Mike LaVigne, designer & co-founder / Clue, keytalking about things he learned in his life so far.
Julia Kloiber, project lead / Open Knowledge Foundation, keytalking about interfaces to governments.
Boris Anthony, head of arquitecture & concept / Nokia, keytalking about architectural design & service system platforms.
Planning the BarCamp sessions.
Planning the BarCamp sessions.
Signage at #sxc13.
Signage at #sxc13.
Signage at #sxc13.
Signage at #sxc13.

that enable you to offer a 40 min session on a topic of your choice:

Fabian Klenk: Hello Bank! Online & Offline Co-creation for Bank Services 2.0.
Thomas Stegmann: Storythinking to Prototype Service Experiences.
Christian Vatter & Martin Jordan: Brand Services – A User-centered Marketing Tool.
Adam Lawrence: Dramatic Arcs + Customer Constellations.
Ida Telalbasic: Complementary Currency System in Co-working Space.
Stefan Berg: Visual Mindmapping or Enrich See(k)ing.
Jens Otto Lange: SCRUM for Designers?
Heike C. Wörner-Erk: Academia Meets Real World.
The fantastic four. ^_^
Wrap-up #sxc13.

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