Barcelona Field Trip

June ended in the most inspiring way. With a very special thanks to Daniela Marzavan, I had the opportunity to join the Design Thinking class at HTW-Berlin for a field trip to Barcelona. This was our itinerary:

1. betahaus | Guided tour
betahaus Barcelona, in similarity to other betahaus spaces, is a place for coworking. Keeping an informal attitude, this is where independent creative professionals and entrepreneurs can connect, share and collaborate. Thank you, Jordi Subiras, for the guided tour.


2. We Question Our Project | Transformation Design Workshop
We Question Our Project is a planned undertaking that aims to revise or develop new services by incorporating the design thinking and co-design perspective. They specialize in eco-publishing and environmental communications. Thank you, Itziar Pobes and Marc Garcia Fortuny, for the Transformation Design Workshop.


3. ELISAVA | Ongoing Myanmar Workshop
ELISAVA is the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering where knowledge, research, development, and innovation is promoted by preparing the students to engage professional challenges at an international level. Thank you, Kay Strasser and Klaus Oberbauer, for the Ongoing Myanmar Workshop.


4. Disseny Hub Barcelona | The Swap Show
Disseny Hub Barcelona holds the new Museu del Disseny de Barcelona by merging the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Museum of Ceramics, the Museum of Textile and Clothing and the Graphic Arts Cabinet. Thank you, Arthur Chin, Yah-Leng Yu and Liquan Liew, for an insight on your work at Foreign Policy Design Group and the very interesting exchange at The Swap Show.

Disseny Hub BarcelonaDisseny Hub BarcelonaDisseny Hub BarcelonaDisseny Hub Barcelona

5. Algobueno Studio | Traces of a Revolution
Algobueno Studio is a consulting organization that helps others to design Brands, Product Service Systems and Cultures of Trust by strengthening their capability to innovate and enable the Co-Creation of Value with all Stakeholders. Thank you, Jorge Rodriguez Nieto and Daniel Zentgraf, for the Coolhunting of Traces of a Revolution.

Traces of a Revolution Traces of a Revolution

6. Filmoteca de Catalunya | Design Thinking Movie
Filmoteca de Catalunya, open since 1981, aims to recover, conserve, research and disseminate films and audiovisual works and materials, documents, computers and other element that is of interest to the study of film and broadcasting in general and Catalan cinema in particular. Thank you, David Kelley, Tim Brown, Roger Martin, Bill Moggridge, Richard Grefé and Alexander Osterwalder, for the Design Thinking Movie.

Filmoteca de Catalunya | Design Thinking MovieFilmoteca de Catalunya | Design Thinking MovieFilmoteca de Catalunya | Design Thinking MovieFilmoteca de Catalunya | Design Thinking MovieFilmoteca de Catalunya | Design Thinking MovieFilmoteca de Catalunya | Design Thinking Movie

And this is the map of our itinerary:

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