Service Design Drinks

From time to time, Service Design Berlin organizes an event called Service Design Drinks, which acts as a meet-up for Berlin’s service design community. Yesterday, the gathering took place at D.Collective, under the topic Service Blueprinting:

“Service blueprinting gives service providers a visual way to express their intentions and goals while linking them to customer’s perceptions and needs as the service activity progresses. Just as architects use blueprints to communicate their designs to engineers, building occupants, and owners, service blueprinting can be used as a communicative tool between those who consume services and those who design, enable, track, and deliver services. The final blueprint presents a collaborative visualization that all stakeholders, including the customer, can recognize, discuss and debate.”

Being such an interesting tool, and so very deeply embedded in the designers way of thinking, I can’t help but feeling the need of bringing non-designers to this community. We have so much to learn from each other! Besides, drinking and learning at the same time? Sounds cool, right? It is.

* How do you make an entire service visible? And align frontstage customer experience with backstage business processes? Here are the slides from our recent meet-up on ‘Service Blueprinting’ — for view & download (by Service Design Berlin):

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